Vehicle wraps transform your vehicle into low cost mobile advertising billboards, seen everywhere your vehicle goes. The value attributed to this exposure is massive and the potential of this form of advertising is almost unmatched in a cost v cost analysis.

Vehicle wraps reinforce your company image and leave a lasting impression on everyone who see’s them, compared to traditional media vehicle wraps are far more cost effective and productive.
Our vehicle wrapping design service allows you to use full colour photographs and high impact graphics to produce a design that is totally unique but a great fit for your business. Your vehicle will catch peoples attention mating an immediate and lasting impression.
This means that every mile you drive and everywhere you park up potential customers are reminded of your business and the products / services that you provide, it reinforces your brand image and encourages new customers to contact you.
“Vehicle wrapping is specialised, takes a lot of training and many hours practice to perfect.”

Digital Printed full vehicle wrap

ERS Medical electric van wrap


Vehicle wrapping is a VERY specialist skill that requires experience and expertise.

 When looking to choose a company to carry out a vehicle wrap it is imperative that you check out their previous work and experience before you make a final decision. Boundary car care has many years experience in both colour change vehicle wraps and full digitally printed advertising wraps. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with new technology and developments within the vehicle wrapping industry.
  • Complete service from design to application.
  • We can work on single vehicles or big corporate fleets.
  • We have a team of creative designers who can get the look you are dreaming of.
  • Our workshop can work on may vehicles at once.
  • We have many years experience applying vehicle wraps.
  • Large portfolio of previous work.
  • References readily available.
  • Our customer service is what drives our business.


Breathe new life into your vehicle with a colour change wrap. With over 100 different colours and designs to choose from by quality brands such as 3M and Hexus you have an opportunity to make your vehicle truly unique. A colour change vinyl wrap from Boundary Car Care is a great way to change the colour and overall look of your vehicle.

We’ve a huge range of materials including colours, textures, patterns and finishes to provide you with a colour change wrap that is truly unique to you and your vehicle.


The great thing about wrapping is the opportunity that it gives you to make your vehicle unique, you can, of course, go for the single colour but if you want to be a little more adventurous that’s not a problem either. You can wrap the vehicle panels in different colours so you could go for a gloss white colour change vehicle wrap but with a carbon fibre roof and mirrors or have half of the car in one colour and the other half something completely different, the opportunities are endless.

Satin black Mini Countryman wrap

Range Rover Evoque wrap


Black and red chequered ROOF WRAP
Carbon fibre chequered roof wrap

At Boundary Graphics, our fantastic wrapping team are specialists in carrying out roof wraps to Cars, Vans, Trucks coaches and anything else that moves.

Unlimited colours.

Boundary through our suppliers have access to a massive number of wrapping colours and designs including different coloured carbon fibers, leather and snake skin. We can fit every colour under the rainbow and every shade in-between. Want to see whats available? See the Boundary Colour chart here.

Unlimited Designs.

Boundary are one of a hand full of wrapping companies in the North West that can print bespoke images and colours onto vinyl to be applied as a roof wrapping in-house from design to print production and fitting. If you are looking for a design or colour that no one else has, Boundary can certainly make it happen

Add fabulous contrast with a roof wrap.

Make your vehicle stand out from the crowd with a roof wrap! Your vehicle will look superior and stand out wherever you take it and you can choose from a fantabulous range of colours, styles and patterns. No matter what your looking for, Boundary can exceed your expectations.

A carbon fibre roof wrap may be just the ticket.

We have carbon fiber available in a range of colours, our most popular are Black, White and Electric blue, all of these add an amazing contrast between the roof and the rest of the vehicle. Add carbon to the back of the door mirrors, some grills or the spoiler to create a real custom look.

A wrap protects the paint work

Your vehicles paintwork is exposed to some of the harshest weather conditions possible in the North West, adding a wrap protects the vehicle from things like tree sap, bird droppings, tree sap and stone chips.

Find out more about roof wrapping.

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